How many square feet will $300,000 get you in Canada?

If you were to compare average sqft home prices. where would Toronto rank? No.5! Vancouver (BC), Richmond Hill (ON), Richmond (BC) and Burnaby (BC) are the top 4.

Richmond Hill: 367 square feet
Toronto: 520 square feet
Oakville: 568 square feet
Mississauga: 750 square feet
Hamilton: 1,008 square feet
Ottawa: 1,079 square feet

Rest of Canada
Vancouver: 339 square feet
Richmond (BC)  442 square feet
Burnaby (BC) 489 square feet
Calgary: 926 square feet
Saskatoon: 1,071 square feet
Regina: 1,167 square feet
Edmonton: 1,176 square feet
Halifax: 1,205 square feet
Montreal: 1,230 square feet
Winnipeg: 1,277 square feet
Quebec City: 1,485 square feet (oh là là)


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